Our message on the war on Ukraine and how we aim to help those who are affected 🇺🇦

What happened on February 24, 2022 in Ukraine shocked us all. We can't express our feelings on this aggressive and unjustified attack to the kind and peaceful people in Ukraine. In this message, we want to wholeheartedly support each and every person who has been affected by the war. In the same way, we want you to help and support Ukrainians to stop this war that is taking the lives of thousands of people.

How can we help?

🇺🇦 Free membership access to all our tests for Ukrainians.

Our mission since Day 1 is to help all people regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, nationality to pass their company assessment by letting them practice real aptitude tests. And current difficult times demonstrate that we need even more unity. That is why we decided to grant all Ukrainians, their families and those who are affected by the war full membership access to our tests. Completely for free and with minimum identity proof. Here's what you need to request a full access:

1. Register on the Platform

Sign up for a free account on our Platform.

2. Email us

Email us support@aptitude-tests.co.uk with a subject 'Ukraine' and a message explaining your situation.

3. Enjoy your practice

Shortly after we verify it's really you, we'll send you a confirmation email. Start your practice and good luck passing your test!

❤️ Ask you to show your support

Visit a #standwithukraine website to support people in Ukraine today. There are many ways you can help people: donations, volunteering, supplying medicals, signing petitions. Contribute to the better peaceful world today.Please note, we are not partnered with the website mentioned above and not responsible for any action or information on the mentioned website. In times of war, we ask you to be very cautious and vigilant, and do not share any personal information if you believe this could be used against you. Stay safe!