Diagrammatic Reasoning Test — 1

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Diagrammatic Reasoning Test — 2

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Diagrammatic Reasoning Test — 3

23 Questions 20:00min Explanations

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Diagrammatic Reasoning tests are frequently used in a number of graduate or experienced positions, where you will be expected to work with numbers, data and make critical decisions in a restricted timeframe. You will be invited to take Diagrammatic assessment online, and the type of the assessment doesn’t differ much from other psychometric tests. You will be presented with a graphical sequence and are expected to complete it by choosing the right answer.

First thing to know before taking any reasoning test is that those assessments are time limited. You are required to complete the test within the given timeframe (usually 20 to 45 min). Diagrammatic Reasoning tests usually consist of 20-30 questions, where you’re required to choose one answer from the given list.

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