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Gazprom (ru. “Газпром”) is a Russian multinational energy company, more than 50% of whose shares are owned by the state. It is the holding company of the Gazprom Group. PJSC Gazprom only sells natural gas and leases out its gas transportation system. Its main activities include exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, sales of gas as motor fuel, as well as production and sales of heat and electricity.

Gazprom accounts for 16% of the world's gas reserves and 71% of Russia's. Gazprom accounts for 12% of global and 68% of Russian gas production. Gazprom is the seventeenth-largest energy company according to S&P Global Platts (2018). According to Forbes Global 2000, in 2021, Gazprom ranked 49th among the world's largest companies (63rd by revenue, 19th by net profit, 119th by assets, 230th by market capitalisation).

As of 2021, the company owned the world's largest gas transmission system, with a length of 175,200 kilometres.

Gazprom recruitment process in 2024

  1. Online application form
    • One of the first stages of the recruitment process is filling in the application form on Gazprom Careers website.

    • The online application form is usually presented as a questionnaire with the option of importing data from a LinkedIn or CV file.

    • The applicant is required to provide information about work experience, education, skills and other necessary details.

    • There may be questions both about job preferences (e.g. desired type of employment, country and city of residence) and more personal questions (e.g. race and ethnicity, religion, disability)

  2. Phone / Video Interview
    • Successful candidates are invited for a 15-20 min. phone call.

    • Soft skills are usually assessed during this call by the Gazprom recruiter.

    • In some cases, Gazprom hiring manager may invite you for a video interview (most commonly conducted with HireVue.) For software engineering positions, candidates may be asked to complete a coding challenge (problems on algorithms + take-home challenges.)

  3. Online tests
    • The next stage of the Gazprom recruitment process is an online assessment. The candidate will be sent an email invitation to complete Gazprom tests.

    • Gazprom uses different types of recruitment tests to assess candidates and their suitability for the position they are applying for.

    • Candidates are most often asked to complete the following tests:

  4. Assessment centre
    • Successful candidates are invited to visit the nearest Gazprom headquarters or office.

    • Candidates will have a chance to personally meet the hiring manager, team leaders and seniors during the assessment day.

    • Gazprom may organise a group exercise with candidates as part of the hiring procedure.

  5. Partner interview
    • The final stage of the recruitment process.

    • The candidate will have a chance to meet the hiring manager, department director and/or division lead.

    • Normally, there is no assessment at this stage.

    • Candidates are mostly expected to demonstrate soft skills and a desire to join Gazprom.

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